For Membership Information Please Contact Don Schregardus, Membership Chair


The purpose of Leatherlips Yacht Club is to promote the sport of sailboat racing and to provide a social center for members, their families and guests. LYC emphasizes racing for family members of all ages, with strong support for people to learn through classes and fleet racing. There is a wide range of skill levels from Beginner to Expert, with an emphasis on helping one another to improve sailing skills.

The Club relies on member participation for club race committee, normal maintenance, special projects and participation in work parties to minimize costs.

Membership Types

Active Membership

  Active Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the club and shall constitute the members of the corporation. An Active member may be an individual, a legally married couple, or a couple living together. The individual or couple has only one vote. Children of Active members shall be extended member privileges that would terminate under any of the following conditions:

a) Marriage

b) Self-supporting

c) Twenty-fourth birthday

There are a limited number of Active Memberships available to owners of canoes, kayaks or 1 – 2 person rowing shells.


Young Adult Active Membership – 18-28 Yrs Old

Young Adult Members are Active Sailing Members between 18 to 28 years of age. This membership includes all the same privilages as an Adult Active Member but reduces the dues to 1/2 the Active Sailing Member rate. Boat storage fees will remain at full rate.



Provisional Members 

 Provisional Members are adult students of Sailing School or the parent/guardian of children in Sailing School, and the one time membership is available only to students of the LYC Sailing School at the time of graduation. The membership is intended to continue the sailing experience for Sailing School students who intend to continue sailing at LYC. The provisional membership is in effect for the balance of that year only. Provisional members  transition to Active members by paying established dues at the time dues are collected by the Secretary for the following year.


Junior Competition 

 Junior Competition Members are parents/guardians who have children 18 years old or younger, active on the Club racing programs, including the Junior Racing team and who do not store a boat on the LYC grounds. Eligibility for the Junior Competition Membership will expire at the end of the calendar year the eligible child turns 18 years old. Use of Club owned boats may also be subject to a fee assessed by the Junior Racing Chairperson or other racing program chair.