High School Sailing 

The Fastest Growing Sport in Ohio! Teams from Dublin, Upper Arlington, Bexley, and others are joining teams already competing in central Oho, around the State, and across the Country.  No experience needed.

Competitive sailing involves fast-paced, short-course racing, where sailboats race each other without any handicaps, starting at the same time, sailing a set course and the winner of each race is the first to cross the finish line scoring points based on finish position with the lowest points winning. Teams compete locally, regionally and nationally in regattas and championships.

High School sailing typically operates with the permission of your high school using Leatherlips Yacht Club facilities, gear and coaches.  It is a pay to play sport.

Open to all students, grade 7 to 12

For more information, contact :  Cindy Elmore,   LYC.HighSchoolSail1@gmail.com,   614-889-8997